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I want you to have a powerful 2016 full of infinite health and wealth - it's your time! So, my esteemed colleagues and leading experts in health and wealth have joined me in pulling together an amazing gift-away for you to receive a ton of amazing tools (valued over $3,000) to fully support you in creating your 2016 beyond what you ever could have hoped for or imagined! Check out all the juicy goodies that we've compiled just for you and choose as many as you'd like!

Jennifer Longmore's Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Infinite Health & Wealth Giveaway

From Jennifer Longmore, CEO of SoulJourneys.ca
North America's Soul Purpose Expert

Ready to make this YOUR year? Whether you are wishing to create more clarity for your purpose, create a thriving biz around your purpose, or release the stubborn money blocks that keep you from thriving in all areas of your life - this bundle of 30min training audios is for you!

They walk you through what's holding you back, what questions to ask, and practical steps on how to move forward in a very powerful way so that you can experience infinite health and wealth in 2014 and beyond!


Pick and choose an audio or download all 3 (Value $97)

Jennifer Longmore's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway: 9 Questions to Align to Your Soul's Purpose Jennifer Longmore's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway: 9 Questions to Align to Your Soul's Purpose Jennifer Longmore's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway: Activate the Power of 3 in your Conscious Biz
Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Success Meditation System ($497 Value)

From Christopher Cumby, Mindset Coach

The Success Mediation System was carefully constructed to help calm the mind and prepare the mind for successful thinking. The system will help with better focus, more creativity, better memory, and less stress. People around the world have practiced meditation for centuries, and it has been growing in popularity in the modern world. It is one of the most effective ways to find inner peace, relax, and cope with stress. The Success Meditation provides a structured approach and is layered to provide the user with an east to use and learn process.

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Consciously Creating Sustainable Business ($47 Value)

From Pamella Horton, Joint Venture Specialist

Creating and maintaining business opportunities is an art form that can be acquired with the proper mindset, because as we all know...mindset matters. This program will help you build the foundation necessary to nurture truthful, soulful and profitable relationships, practice discernment to surround yourself with ethical and professional people, say yes to perfect opportunities that find you with ease, achieve more and generate wealth, all while having fun and being the real YOU! Get centered, become clear on what you want and who you want to partner with for consistently abundant results. Maven's Connections Co-Founder Pamella Horton has created this powerful session to help you be handsomely rewarded for who you are and will help you develop your creative connecting "muscle." You'll become even more well balanced, productive, respected and you will consistently find yourself in the perfect place at the perfect time to create your sustainable and profitable business.

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

21 Days of I AM Affirmations ($27 Value)

From Patricia Brooks, Reverend

Start creating your own Sacred Story! Get Your FREE 21 days of I AM affirmations to help you step fully into your sacred power ~ your I AM Presence.

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Activate Your TRUE Message (Module 1): Clear The Hidden Interference to Clarifying and Sharing Your Message ($197 Value)

From Ronda Renee, Divine Guide

Have you made attempts to share your message that have fallen flat? Have you tried all the systems and techniques the gurus teach with little or no results? Ever gotten “the look” when you answer the question “what do you do?” Doing everything “right” but still not getting the results you want in your business? In Module 1 of Ronda Renée’s “Activate your True Message”, you will discover the hidden myths, mistakes, traps and syndromes that are blocking you from sharing your message and gifts with the world. It’s time to clear the interference that keeps you from being heard and understood in the market place so you can finally make the monday and the difference you were meant to!

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Sacral Chakra Bonfire Event plus MP3 ($67 Value)

From Christel Hughes, Multi Sensory Intuitive

Biggest virtual Bonfire ever! Sacral Chakra Clearing. Totally Awesome Energy Shifting gathering PLUS free event audio. Burn your Sacral Chakra Barriers! ...For Creativity, Prosperity and Passion! Get your groove on at this Free Energy Shifting virtual gathering and Spark your Inner Flame

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

The Lifestyle Business Guide for Coaches & Consultants ($19.99 Value)

From Caroline Cain, Business & Lifestyle Mentor

Never before has a generation of women been so free to choose how they live their lives. Women like you and me… If you dream of turning your coaching or consulting business into a flexible, freedom based business allowing you to work on your time, on your terms, with who you want, how you want, from wherever you want in the world, then this book is for you. I built my business working just three days a week, with a baby and without spending a ton of time in ‘busywork’ and so can you, when you follow the simple steps in this book. Because I want to give you everything I can to help you join me and countless other women on a journey of freedom and opportunity, in these pages you’ll find the exact tools, systems, steps and mindset that is required to live a truly freedom based lifestyle.

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Awakening to Remembering: Self-Mastery & Your Abundant You ($333 Value)

From Lisa Brown, Multi-Dimensional Mastery Expert & Coach

This Light Encoded Package is to activate dormant codes to assist with you with REMEMBERING again. As our hearts open and we expand our consciousness, we return to the purity of all things. Through this activation, integration and transformation through light, we become Pure Divine Essence Love and Power again. Our true us emerges, the one that holds all from within. The beautiful, magical and abundant self that we lost or forgot as we became a separated human. As we REMEMBER, we return to an existence forgotten. We return to Mastery and our physical reality re-aligns for us. Our true abundance exists within us and materializes in our physical reality too, according to the light that we hold, that which we do and how we fulfill our purposes, missions and roles in-service here. These gifts are and activation of inner remembering.

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Goddess Lifestyle Swag Bag ($99 Value)

From Lisa Marie Rosati, Intuitive Success Coach

Do you live an abundant life of happiness, magic and fulfillment? What’s stopping you? Learn how to design your goddess lifestyle that gratifies your unique passions, desires and needs! The Magical Goddess Lifestyle Swag Bag Includes:

  • Listening To Mother Earth Meditation: Unwind and float into bliss as you journey to experience a deep connection to Mother Earth and learn from her wisdom during this short and relaxing meditation.
  • Design Your Goddess Life Planner: Get ready to design a Goddess Lifestyle that gratifies your unique passions, desires and needs with this fabulous planner. WARNING: Be prepared to hold on to your bra straps because your life is guaranteed to become juicier than ever!
  • How To Create Sacred Space & Activate Your Life Magick: Learn how to set up spiritual altars and Sacred Space anywhere your desire with this step by step workbook which contains Lisa’s favorite Sacred Space invocation and spell!
  • The Goddess Lifestyle Plan Manifesto: We all need to be reminded of our divine nature from time to time… print out and hang this beautiful, empowering Manifesto to keep you connected to your Full Goddess Power!
  • Private Invitations To Join Lisa In Sacred Circle: As part of Lisa’s community you will gain access to select trainings, calls, rituals and moon circles lead by Lisa.
Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Energy Management with Danielle MacKinnon ($97 Value)

From Danielle MacKinnon, Intuitive

One of the most important (yet, admittedly least sexy!) components of expansion, growth, moving through blocks, and creating the life you want is energy management. If you’re looking to feel happier, calmer, more confident, and more powerful – Intuitive Danielle MacKinnon’s Energy Management downloadable class will get you there! Feeling strong, powerful, and confident are the special precursor emotions to creating that health and wealth you’ve been working toward! In addition to discovering the soul-level significance of energy management you’ll also learn Danielle’s easy energy management techniques designed to get you into the “zone” faster and easier than most people believe is possible. Most people underestimate the power of energy management – thinking they can just “push through” no matter what. Learn how to stop pushing through and start using these techniques immediately to propel yourself forward!

Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

8 Easy Ways to Move the Needle Forward in Your Business Right Now ($97 Value)

From Christine Gallagher, Marketing and Mindset Strategist

After 8+ years in business, some definite patterns have emerged, and what I see is that there are several specific, targeted actions you can take to get your engines revving again (and that bank account filling), no matter where you are in your biz journey. They work every time.

  • Rockstar speaking and networking tips to get yourself out there BIG
  • How to set up lucrative joint ventures and collaborations (without feeling intimidated!)
  • The 5 non-negotiable items you must include on your website to convert many more people
  • The under-the-radar Facebook strategy the most successful online marketers are absolutely crushing it with right now… and more!
Kat Loterzo's - Infinite Health and Wealth Giveaway

Money Alignment For Your Biz ($197 Value)

From Jeanna Gabellini, Client Attraction Expert

Get into your multiple six-figure vibration with the 6 Step No-Fail Profit Formula and watch money begin throwing itself at you! This program will show you how to kick your old school rules to the curb.

You are invited to join a special movement I have created called The Purpose Posse™. Last year I was guided to create a global movement of incredible souls living on purpose, and hence the beginning of this movement has been born....on FB no less. This sacred space was created to support you in connecting with like-hearted, purposeful souls while receiving daily inspiration and insight into how to live your life fully on purpose *and* by design! Feel free to share with your friends - it's my intention to reach mass consciousness with our amazing energy!

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